DPCC (Data Processing And Coordination Center)

The DPCC collects all data which is then analysed, processed and distributed, according to our proven model.

Chronological order of work processes for Planet Youth by ICSRA



•Local training on methodology and coordination

•Joint questionnaire preparation

•Coordinated questionnaire layout in all languages

•Guidelines for school approach

•Guidelines for questionnaire printing

•Optical data capturing

•Verifying of data / Quality control

•Data cleaning /Data processing

•Delivery of full report / descriptive

•Delivery of SPSS dataset

•Follow-up seminar / Conference

•Appointing of contact person

•Appointing of local work team

•Translation of questionnaire / Back translation

•Drawing of a sample (where needed)

•School contact and preparation of questionnaire implementation

•Printing of questionnaire and confidentialy envelopes

•Delivery of questionnaires to schools

•Scanning of questionnaires to PDF/TIFF

•Delivery of files to cloud

•Technical report